Do you currently own a Jeep and want to get together with others who share your passion for this vehicle in the Manchester TN area? If the thought of adventuring away from the paved roads of society and into the wilderness has crossed your mind, the Ridge Runners Jeep Club of Tennessee is the answer you’re looking for. Our club was created in 2018 from a group of Jeepers who wanted something a little more localized in South Central Tennessee.

A More Casual Club Experience

Photo by: Cody Belcher

We created the Ridge Runner Jeep Club as a spinoff from the Topless in Tennessee Jeep Club, located in Dickson TN, to better serve our members living in Coffee, Moore and Franklin County, as well as other southern counties, who were driving about two hours to attend the meetings with Topless in Tennessee Jeep Club. Our club isn’t a member of a specific association, although many of our members are, individually. While we don’t typically host monthly meetings, we do enjoy plenty of rides, as well as meets and greets to get together and spend time with other Jeepers. Chances are there’s something fun going on almost every weekend and everyone is welcome to join in!

Photo by: Lynn Haley

It’s More of a Jeep Family

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been enjoying Jeeps and off-roading events for decades, you’re more than welcome to check us out! When we get together, you can rest assured there will be plenty of food and laughs. We hold to a strict standard of no man left behind. We’re ready to help anyone who needs it, whether that’s overcoming an obstacle on the trail or fixing up your Jeep when it’s having problems. It’s our philosophy to treat everyone as we’d like to be treated ourselves.

What do the Members Think About Their Club

Easy Off Roading posted a question to the Ridge Runners Jeep Club of Tennessee Facebook page; We asked: Tell us what you like about your group? We had over 90 replies. Members kept saying the club is welcoming and feels like a family but the following comment from Lynn Haley stood out. 

Lynn Haley Commented

 “Nobody in this group is above the other which makes it the best. No pecking order or anything like that. We all have a passion for the same thing which is our family, our Jeeps and the great outdoors. We laugh and cut up as a big family should. I have been off-roading since 1998. Ridge Runners is the best group that I have ever had anything to do with. I have seen a bunch of groups come and go in my time. These people are great.

As to new people doing this great hobby that we all enjoy. The main thing is to never go alone, respect others, never leave trash on the trail and most of all is to respect your rig and it will take care of you. We have this thing where we all go in the woods together, we all come out together. No man or Jeep left behind, no matter who you are or what you drive”.   

To learn more or get answers to your questions, be sure to check out Ridge Runners Jeep Club of Tennessee  Facebook page and see what we’re all about!

Special Thanks to  Topless in Tennessee Jeep Club for giving us our start.

Photo by: Cody Belcher
Photo by: Cody Belcher
Photo by: Cody Belcher
Photo by: Cody Belcher




  1. I am so proud of this article I remember when we first started we were out trail riding and we all decided to make a group that was more for our area. The Jeepers in this group are amazing full of knowledge and full of fun times!!!! Come join us for a ride you won’t regret it!!!

  2. So glad to be apart of this club! And so happy of the feedback to our group! Love the pics! Happy my Jeep made it into a few of them! Love all my Jeep family!

  3. I would like too go on a ride with your club. I just saw a good group of you in the Manchester Christmas parade. I drive a 2007 Jeep Unlimited. I am from Manchester Tennessee and I am an avid outdoors-man.

  4. Hi I have a wj 2.5 lift on 245 x17 there’s not enough tire’s are rubbing in tight turns I’ve trimmed some but needs more also I need off road front bumper with winch

  5. is where I found this article Rick k Manchester Tennessee 37355 McMinnville hyw any help and ideas would be great would like to go with you all out and about and see some nature


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