We founded Off-R-Rockers(California Chapter) in 2012. Located in Ridgecrest, CA and conveniently situated between Death Valley, to the North East, and the Sequoia National Forest, to the West, we are a group of friends who use social media to get together and have a little fun with our Jeeps.

Owning a Jeep or 4WD vehicle is more than just owning a vehicle to get you from point A to point B. When you invest in one, you’re joining a family that likes to do things together. If you’ve been thinking about buying one and joining the Off Roading community, or if you already have a Jeep, Pickup Truck or 4WD vehicle, Off-R-Rockers off-roading club can be an excellent way to share in the experience and get the most out of your vehicle. You are welcome to join us off road.

Go at Your Pace

Freeway Ridge near Lake Isabella – by Scotty Maxwell

Unlike other Jeep clubs that have a lot of scheduled events, so many you would be hard-pressed to make them all, we typically run up to two events per month on a more casual basis. We have several individuals that belong to larger organizations for those who are interested in more events, including Cal4Wheel and CORVA, but for the most part if one of our members posts a ride on our Facebook page, we’re ready to go! We even have several members who are qualified to act as trail guides for less experienced members. While we strive to prepare everyone before we head out, we’re also available throughout the ride to answer questions.

Photo of Marianne Mackey DuPlain and her TJ on the Rubicon summer 2019.

No One Left Behind

Some of the rides we do last for a few hours, while others involve an entire weekend of camping, food and fun. Regardless of what type of event we’re holding, Off-R-Rockers holds firm to the philosophy of “no one left behind”. Whether you’re new to off-roading trails, you’re a seasoned pro or you’re just along for the ride with an existing member, we want you to feel comfortable and enjoy your time with us!

Freeway Ridge near Lake Isabella – by Scotty Maxwell

What Our Members Have to Say

Deep down, we’re just a group of friends who share a passion and enjoy getting together with our Jeeps. We have rides and events perfect for Jeep owners at any level of experience or interest, making our club an excellent choice for anyone who owns a Jeep or has been thinking about it. 

Joe Verastegui Comments:

“The one thing that got me to join the group and have their banner across my windshield is ORR CAL had a couple of parades through Ridgecrest and then there was one in Bakersfield where it was supporting Law Enforcement. everyone had their rigs and street vehicles adorned with signs, banners and flags flying that represent support of LEOs…it was a very long stretch of vehicles through town, police escorted a bit and even parked their patrol vehicles in the street to give us right of way at a couple of corners. It was a real high point for me being that I have family members in law enforcement.”

Protecting the Environment

Desert Bighorn Sheep 40 miles from Ridgecrest – with Jeffrey McKnight – by Greg Watson

Because our hobby is dependent on nature we are more concerned about the environment than most. The trails we drive are important to us, so we work at keeping the trails clean so everyone can enjoy them. During the year we also meet with other clubs to do trash pickup and help maintain the trails. Most importantly, we adhere to the guidelines set forth by Tread Lightly. If you ride with us you will find we pick up and bring out more trash than we take in.

Deer Photo at Freeway Ridge near Lake Isabella – by Scotty Maxwell

More information about Tread Lightly – Ride On California:

Tread Lightly – RIDE ON California is a statewide campaign designed to help protect off roading opportunities and empower riders through education and stewardship.

Desert Beauty

One of the best times to see the environment is in the spring when we go out just to look at wildflowers. The desert comes alive in the spring after we have rain. Check out the sampling of wildflowers and landscapes seen recently in the El Paso Mountains of our beautiful Mojave Desert taken by Greg Watson with the help of Jeff McKnight during our memorial ride for Jack & Leslie Brown.

If you’re interested in checking us out or want to stay updated on any upcoming Jeep events, be sure to check out our event page on our Facebook!

Photos By Greg Watson:

Airing down the tires at Swansea, east side of Owens Valley. Snow-covered Sierras in the background – with Jeffrey McKnight – by Greg Watson
Part of the climb on Swansea Grade from 3600 feet to 9600 feet – with Jeffrey McKnight – by Greg Watson
Last Chance Canyon – El Paso Mountains 2 – with Jeffrey McKnight – by Greg Watson
Cabin at Burgess Mine, snow-covered Sierras beyond – with Jeffrey McKnight – by Greg Watson
Bigelow’s Monkeyflower – with Jeffrey McKnight – by Greg Watson
California Goldenfields – with Jeffrey McKnight – by Greg Watson
Lacy Phacelia – with Jeffrey McKnight – by Greg Watson


Desert Chicory – with Jeffrey McKnight – by Greg Watson


  1. We are honored that easyoffroading.com chose to do a write up on Off-R-Rockers…
    It is a very good article and done with elegance..
    I am one of the founders of Off-R-Rockers and it brings me great joy and warms my heart to have someone portray our group in such a way..
    Thank you easyoffroading.com

    • I am glad you like it.
      I enjoyed writing his article a lot. You may not think it but you have some beautiful country out there.

      Pass the word to other Off Road Clubs that we write articles, at no charge, for Off Road Clubs and Events.

  2. With the exception of one spelling error it is a great article and I thank you for what you have done to spread the word about ORR! Very nice job and the pictures you chose were good ones. BTW it should be east, not easy in the first line! LOL

    It has been a pleasure working with you on this Ed and I hope that we can wheel together sometime in the future and make sure you bring your wife when she is feeling up to it.

    • Oops! That was my spelling mistake not my writers.

      It was great writing this for you.
      When my wife finishes her Chemotherapy I want to come out and see some dry rocks.
      Ours rocks are slippery because of the humidity and clay.

  3. Great article and pictures!! Love Off R Rockers, proud to have their banner across my windshield and be a part of the ORR family!! Thanks easy off roading for writing this!!

  4. Very nicely done! This write-up shows the joys of wheeling and portrays responsible wheelers in a well-deserved favorable light. I’m proud to hang out with the Off-R-Rockers crowd!

  5. Awesome article! I love wheeling with ORR and am proud to have their banner on my jeep. Great group of family oriented offroaders!


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