Jeep Takeover 2019 is the first time Circle E Guest Ranch, 50 Circle E Lane, Belvidere TN 37306 will allow Jeeps on their equestrian trails and horse trails. The owners and management are interested in allowing Jeep events and have already opened some of the trails to OHVs and ATVs. This event is the first step in showing the ranch owners what the Jeep community is all about. Your participation is needed to prove to them Jeep Club Members will respect their trails and practice the Tread Lightly rules.


What Are the Trails Like?

I was invited by Mark Ray of Ridge Runners Jeep Club of Tennessee to check out the trails and trim the brush. There were six or seven Jeeps and one ATV with us. I have to tell you, this property is pristine and beautiful. You can tell the trails are designed for horses and ATVs because we had to trim the brush to make the trail just a little wider to accommodate the Jeeps. Other than that, the trails are marked well and drivable. There are also interesting rock obstacles along the trail. Upon first glance, some of these obstacles appeared impassable, but after attempting them, we realized they were simply challenging. There are trails that are easier, but some are definitely more aggressive.

What Is Jeep Takeover?

Ridge Runners Jeep Club of Tennessee is hosting Jeep Takeover at Circle E Guest Ranch for the first time this year by holding an off-road event. This is a three-day event with a portion of the profits donated to South Central Human Resource Agency’s senior nutrition program, also known as Meals on Wheels. A Soldier’s Child will also be present at the event to collect donations for their cause.



This Jeep off-road event includes three days of trail riding and a Jeep show. There will also be a list of local attractions for smooth pavement rides for those who aren’t interested in the off-road trails. Additional activities are in the planning process and will be announced at the event. Because this is the first year, we will only be able to ride on the south half of the ranch (south of HWY 16 south).

IMPORTANT: Circle E Guest Ranch does not, at any time, allow motor vehicles (ATVs, SxSs, or Jeeps) on the same trails that are being used for horse riding! Horses and motor vehicles will be separated by Highway 16. They alternate the north and south sides of Highway 16 about every two weeks so horse riders and motor vehicle drivers can experience the beauty of both sides.


Circle E Guest Ranch is noted to include outstanding equestrian facilities and horseback riding trails. There are miles of marked trails with breathtaking views of the mountains, caves, waterfalls, and creeks. We are hopeful these will be open to Jeepers for future events. The ranch features 240 campsites with water and electric hookups. There are also several sites with sewer access available. Other accommodations include four fully furnished log cabins, four Cabarns (cabins with attached barns), and an extra-large conference hall that seats 200-250 guests and can be booked for special events. For more information, call 931-962-1790 or email

Circle E Cabin
Circle E Cabarn (Cabin/Barn)

Book your tickets and campsite NOW for Jeep Takeover (Facebook)


Circle E Guest Ranch, 50 Circle E Lane, Belvidere TN 37306

Tickets call 931-962-1790

One Day $40.00 per Jeep (Only)

Weekend $70.00 per Jeep (Only)

Date and Time  Fri, Sept 13, 2019, 9:00 AM thru Sun, Sept 15, 2019, 1:00 PM CDT

Camping Information

Campsite Reservation Inquiries call 931-962-1790 or email


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