Off Road Militia (O.R.M.) is for the ones who crave the feeling of community and companionship among people who share a deep passion for off-roading across Jeep Trails, Off Road Trails and Fire Break Trails in Virginia. Don’t be swayed by the name Off Road Militia (O.R.M.) as this group is one of the most welcoming to both veteran off-roaders and newbies in the Virginia area.

Instead of using the word club, the word group describes the general vibe and energy ORM conveys. Free of judgment, members and non-members are both welcomed enthusiastically.

As Mae Duncan says:

“It’s nothing but love at ORM. Even if you don’t drive the typical off-roading vehicle or Jeep! I never feel out of place, pulling up in my little Renegade.”

Humble Beginnings

Some of the ORM Family helping another member move, Many hands make light work. photo by Dan’s mom

ORM is basically a bunch of people coming together to go on adventures together across some of Virginia’s most scenic Jeep trails. This is exactly how the group laid its foundation.

Not too long ago, a small group of people who loved riding met each other and formed a friendship that resulted in them creating Off Road Militia in 2018. Previously members of a non-off-roading Jeep club in Richmond, they came together to form ORM in Mechanicsville, VA – the irony is not lost on us here!

In less than two years, the group has managed to welcome and join hands with other off-roaders, creating a family that goes on rides both members and non-members can join. There is a sense of family, friendship, and unity among ORM riders that even first-timers can sense.

Marie Michelle describes the group’s values effectively in a few words,

“ORM is family. From day one. We are a family that every member can count on! From trails to driveways, we come together to help each other out.”

Jennifer and Jess doing some wrenching… This time they are waiting for the men to bring sandwiches and beer. Photo by Butch M.

Shedding Conventions

Unlike other off-roading groups, ORM takes on a more casual, laid-back approach to group activities. Organizational boundaries and structures that usually accompany clubs are not a part of their culture.

Instead, their meetings happen more organically. What this means is that people randomly decide to meet up to discuss rigs, future rides, or simply just to chat and catch up. Some of the members choose to do that every other week or so, while others pop in and check up on their ORM family more often.

In addition to 5 or 6 club-sanctioned rides, members take their rigs to Flagpole Knob National Forest in Virginia quite regularly. They also have yearly trips to the Uwharrie National Forest in North Carolina. Almost every ride is open to non-members that want to tag along.

Matt E. crawling at Potts Mtn. Photo by Ron S.

ORM is associated with Virginia 4 Wheel Drive Association and interacts with other Virginia off-roading clubs including River City Wranglers, Toy-RVA-Otas, Going Coastal Jeep Club, Hampton Roads Jeep Club, RVA Rock Crawlers, and others.

A True Off-Roading Family

The club was formed in the hopes of giving Virginian off-roaders a place where they can explore this interest with other like-minded people and make lifelong friends. Since its initiation, the club has become a place where people find a sense of community and companionship.

Their motto “don’t threaten me with a good time!” speaks volumes about who they are. They like to have a good time and cultivate a culture that encourages people to join in on the fun.

Some of the ORM Family collecting Toys for Tots. Photo by Butch M.

Going Above and Beyond to Help

One of the most appreciative qualities you’ll find among all ORM members is their readiness for helping other people. In addition to hosting an annual off-roading 101 for newbies, they motivate people to ask questions whenever they need help.

But that’s not all. Collectively, they combine their philanthropic ambitions to help any non-profit organization they can. They have held events for the Tunnel to Towers Foundation and Toys for Tots, and plan to hold trail rides with 4 Wheels to Heal.

Their collaboration with the Virginia 4 Wheel Drive Association and USDA Forest Service’s North River Ranger Station further illustrates their passion for their community and the environment. They want to respect the Jeep trails and Off Road Trails in Virginia and leave them in a condition that future generations can enjoy and appreciate.

Flagpole Knob Cleanup and Vehicle Recovery

ORM members working together to recover a Ford Explorer that slid off the trail at off Flagpole Knob’s.

On November 8, 2020 Off Road Militia with the US Forrest Service and North River Rangers acknowledgement, hosted their first cleanup ride – starting what will hopefully become a long-term tradition. Working with the North River Rangers we are planning to provide markers and signs and education for the trail system to help off-roaders and newcomers identify the trails and their current location.

On this first cleanup ride ORM members joined forces and wanted to do their part in maintaining the Flagpole Knob’s trails. The group of 30 people split into smaller groups to pick up the trash. One of the groups was informed when they arrived that a vehicle slipped off the trail. Along with collecting the trash they recovered the Ford Explorer that slipped off the trail.

Abandoned Cherokee before ORM made it ready to be removed from Bald Mtn Jeep Trail. Photo by Jennifer H.

Recovering an Abandoned Jeep Cherokee

The group was also contacted and asked if they could help with the removal of an abandoned vehicle.  ORM jumped at the chance to remove the abandoned rig left on the trails for months. The vehicles condition was such that along with their time and hard work, members had to donated tires, replaced pieces and parts, fabricated tow hooks, and cleaned up the debris around the Jeep. This was made possible with the Department of Forestry’s Ranger Lauren Stull’s cooperation.

Abandoned Cherokee before ORM made it ready to be removed from Bald Mtn Jeep Trail. Photo by Jennifer H.

Their dedication to the trail’s upkeep and maintenance is commendable as they continue to act proactively to preserve and expand local trails for future off-roaders.

If this isn’t enough to convince Virginian off-roader to check out the club, Jeff Lambert’s words may do the trick:

“ORM is a group of people that met other people and became a family through a common cause – off-roading. I honestly can’t count the number of times that one or more ORM members came to the rescue, not only for me but for others as well. We have even stopped a trail ride to fix a vehicle that broke on an obstacle. What we do this as a group. We offer family, love, dedication, and fun. I wouldn’t have this family any other way. We may be crazy, but we have fun.”

Abandoned Cherokee after ORM made it ready to be removed from Bald Mtn Jeep Trail. Photo by Jennifer H.

Keep up with what the ORM family is up to on their public Facebook page.

ORM Club Members Page is on This is because of the trouble Facebook has been have about their name. Visit their MeWe Main Club Page:  Off-Road Militia

Note from Editor: I am impressed with this group and how much they have accomplished in the short time they have been together. I am also concerned that if Facebook can close down a good club/group like this and not give a reason, we need to ask ourselves what the alternatives are. Make sure you check them out on MeWe – Off-Road Militia!

I like MeWe and here is MeWe’s Privacy Bill of Rights.


  1. Very good article. I’m a newbie to the club, and a veteran to off roading. I was welcomed with open arms, and have made some great friends. What I like most the down to earth people. Just be yourself. Great bunch, more than willing to educate and help anyone, especially off roading!

  2. Thank you for this well written article! I found ORM in January this year and my 2012 JK sport has never been happier. And thanks to them I’ve even gotten to cross cooking Chili over fire on a mountain summit off my bucket list!

  3. Great article, wife and I are new to the group but the welcome we have received from the members are first class. Looking forward to many trail rides and community events.

  4. This article nailed it. Im a pretty new member probably 6 months . All is true and when we trail ride , we have a great code and have many people join on us on the trails . We leave no one behind you come up the mountain with us , you leave with us no matter what.

  5. Thanks Ed for the kind article. Wishing you, your staff and readers the best. Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Hope to catch yall on a trail soon,
    Off Road Militia 4wd club

  6. Hello I’m looking to join a 4×4 club and was wondering if y’all were a keep club only. I drive Toyota Tundra and love being in the woods and having fun trail riding. I’m also 51 years old just wondering thank you

    • This is a very good question.
      O.R.M is an Off-Road Club and not just a Jeep club.
      Any full size 4WD is welcome to ride with them.
      There is a link to their Facebook Page at the end of the article.

      When you make contact with them say hello for me.



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