Jeeps and Wrenches – Trail Repairs – Photo taken by – James Raulerson

In Nashville, Music City USA is a club that all off-road enthusiasts can enjoy.

Jeeps and Wrenches Club could possibly be the benchmark for off-road clubs. From training events to fundraisers for the needy, from beginner to extreme trail rides, Jeeps and Wrenches has stepped out to prove itself time and time again.

Located in Middle Tennessee, Jeeps and Wrenches Club is an off-roading enthusiast haven. While the word Jeep is right in the name, the club welcomes anyone and everyone with a 4WD vehicle to take part in the off-road adventure.

Whether you’re new to the game or have been cruising trails across the United States for many years, riders are welcome at all events and rides where you get to meet other like-minded Jeepers.

With Jeep and Wrenches, you not only get to learn about trails, rigs, and off-roading, but you also experience their family-style dynamics and very apparent love for joking!

(Team Red needs all the help they can get) 

I think Amanda Wheeler Birdwell says it well

“So many people are always willing to help others out when in need. Our club is social, full of knowledge, and there’s always some type of ride or event to attend. Overall, it’s a great group of people!”

Jeeps and Wrenches – Quarterly Meeting – Photo taken by – Holly Peters

The Off-Road Club’s Story Began…

Who could have imagined something like Jeeps and Wrenches started in a Hooter’s parking lot! Yes, the club’s name, domain, and the logo were decided while sitting in a parking lot of a Hooters in Hermitage TN after a wing night. The year was 2013 when a couple of Jeepers with a shared love for Tennessee’s off-road trails came together to start something that has evolved to what it is today. Becoming a family where members can form lasting bonds and grow in their enthusiasm and tact for off-roading.

Over the years, their dedicated board of directors and club leadership has successfully transformed the club into a place where off-roading enthusiasts are welcome with open arms. Seasoned off-roaders from other states, Tennessee locals, and complete newbies along with existing members (and their families) can join rides and events to get a taste of what the club is like.

Jeeps and Wrenches – Photo taken by – Holly Peters

Quickly Evolving

Jeeps and Wrenches is very particular about adhering to high standards. Because off-road etiquette, safety, and protecting the environment are important, they associate with Southern Four Wheel Drive Association (SFWDA) and Tread Lightly. When you become a paid membership in Jeeps and Wrenches you will also be enrolled as a member in the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association (SFWDA) and be a part of the Tread Lightly Organization.

Jeeps and Wrenches is based in the Middle TN area and holds Meet-N-Greets in all areas of Middle TN. They have members in other states as well as other countries. Regular rides happen at least once a month throughout the year.

Members and non-members step up to lead trail rides around Tennessee, helping each other out in a way so no one misses out on the experience. To make sure people with varying experience levels can enjoy the sport, the rides vary in difficulty. They have scaled most Jeep trails in Tennessee.

Their expeditions take them around Tennessee and other states including Kentucky, Alabama, and Georgia. In addition, the club has made trips to Arkansas and rides out west to Utah, Colorado, California, and Washington State.

Jeeps and Wrenches – Under the Nemo Trailhead Bridge – Photo taken by – Kevin Woods

Excursion Rides, Annual Rides, and Training Events

Jeeps and Wrenches goes on local excursion rides like The Nemo Abandoned Train Tunnels and the Abandoned Train in the Obey Gorge. For the more seasoned members, their excursions are to some of the hardest trails in the country such as the Rubicon Trail or Fordyce.

As far as annual rides, two of them stand out. The New Year Day which they call “The Hangover Ride” and the “Fall Colors Ride.

The Hangover Ride is a New Year’s Day event where people celebrate the first day of the New Year doing what they love by enjoying Tennessee’s natural beauty!

As for the Fall Colors Ride, it’s a favorite. What better way to experience the fall colors with a backdrop of the prettiest sights Tennessee has to offer.

Jeeps and Wrenches – Boobs and Noobs – Photo taken by – Derek DeWeese

Boobs & Noobs

Boobs and Noobs is a training event meant for, well, noobs… but people with varying levels of experience can join in on the fun. The training lasts two days with members and off-roading experts and educators covering a wide range of topics.

Attendees have a chance to learn about their rig, the trails, the equipment they’ll need, how to communicate during rides, winching and spotting specifics, and more on day one. Plus, they get a chance to meet new people and make friends with other off-roaders. Camping and more advanced lessons follow on day 2 – which the club calls Nuts and Butts (besides the great people, it’s the events’ names we genuinely love!)


The following two comments show that Boobs and Noobs is loved beyond the event’s excellent name:

“Boobs and Noobs was awesome! A great way to learn some basic off-roading etiquette and skills. They have one day dedicated to newbies and another for a little more advanced training.” – Rochelle Cintron

“Thank you for being understanding of new jeepers and their struggles. Also, for “giving back”, which makes this club the very best in my opinion! I look forward to being one of those people! The Boobs and Noobs event was my very first and everyone was so helpful and generous when my jeep was less than trail ready. Looking forward to some wrenching events in the future.” – LaShon Kerby Crockett

Experience Matters

The club rides are led by a host of experienced club members. You will see Jeeps and Wrenches members as Trail Guides at main events sponsored by the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association (SFWDA) like Dixie Run and TrailFest.

Off-roading knowledge is in abundance within Jeeps and Wrenches; so much so that one of the club presidents went on to serve as VP of SFWDA.

Always Ready to Lend a Helping Hand

The club’s dedication to serving their community and the trails they frequent is commendable.

Jeeps and Wrenches – Snow Recovery – Photo taken by – Holly Peters

Helping the One’s in Need

Over the years, the club has donated both money and time to various charities, too many to list. From running food, Coat & Socks drive, and fundraising events to holding rides in support of local first responders (Back the Blue and Back the Red), the club doesn’t hold back when it comes to serving those who find themselves in need of help.

4×4 Emergency Transport and Recovery Of Mid TN

Many members of Jeeps and Wrenches belong to a Facebook page that offers emergency transportation services during inclement weather. Experienced club members offer their time to transport essential workers such as doctors, nurses, EMS personnel, police, and firefighters in when the weather dictates a need. The club also conducts wellness checks on the elderly, making sure they are taken care of.

Jeep Crew – Trash Clean Up- Tackett Creek KY

Cleanup Rides

Jeeps and Wrenches’ commitment to upholding efforts to be good stewards of the land, is strong, to say the least.

In addition to cleaning the Tennessee off-road trails they frequent, the club volunteers to develop new trails and parks such as at Adventure Off-Road Park (AOP). The park recognized the club’s effort by naming some trails after J&W.

Further, the club practices Tread Lightly to a degree where they made certain areas off-limits for off-roaders bearing the Jeeps and Wrenches banner. This step was taken to ensure locals didn’t have any further complaints regarding heavy traffic.

The club has also been involved with SFWDA’s mission to preserve public lands, teaching young members the importance of respecting the land they use for their enjoyment.

Julie Smith, one of the original Jeeps and Wrenches member, articulates her experience

“I am an original member of J&W from the beginning of the club. The best thing about all these years has beenthe family atmosphere. It’s like a huge family where I’ve made so many great friends. Also, the club has allowed me to learn about my jeep, to the point where I have been able to teach folks how to wire lights and install lifts. And then, Boobs and Noobs! LOVE this event that is put in every year to teach folks.”

Keep up with Jeep and Wrenches and all they accomplish on their Website, their Facebook Group, Facebook Events, and YouTube Channel.



  1. I have been a member for years and the great thing about this club is they try to offer something for everyone whether you are a wheeler or just like hanging out. Feel free to stop by and say hey if you see us at an event. Most of us love talking. ?

    • I have attended events, meetings and rides with Jeeps and Wrenches and now finally been able to write about this outstanding Off Roading Club.
      Thank You for giving me the opportunity to write about Jeeps and Wrenches.


  2. From being one of those in the Hooters parking lot to today as a “Life Time Member” I can honestly say this club has done some amazing things for the Community and no matter what your thoughts and feelings are about Clubs, it is the people that make it what it is.
    I am excited to watch it grow as my Son gets older and more active and I like the direction it has headed with the strengthening of it’s relationships with other area Clubs!
    Good Job Jeeps and Wrenches!

    • I agree because living in Murfreesboro TN I have seen Jeeps and Wrenches develop and what it has accomplished over the years.
      I only write about Off-Road Clubs that are referred to me and was very pleased to write about Jeeps and Wrenches.

      Thank You for your comment.



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