A group of friend in a small Tennessee town wanted to establish a family-oriented Jeep club. This is what led a group of likeminded Jeepers to create what is known as the Mule Town Jeepers in Columbia, Tennessee.

May 2014, the founders of the club gave in to their passion and respect for the backroads and trails in Tennessee. They formed a club, which as the years pass, is still providing a place for Jeepers to congregate and have fun exploring nature, driving Tennessee backroads along with off-road trails.

MTJ annual go topples day ride with our sister club Stones River Jeep Club to raise money for A Soldiers Child.

A small-town Jeep club, Mule Town Jeepers, is more than that for its members and the local community. In addition to multiple rides throughout the year, the club is closely affiliated with the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association SFWDA and other clubs and programs that enable them to do their part in sustaining the wellbeing of their Jeep trails and the Columbia, Tennessee community.

With its strong family-oriented values, the club has become a place for Tennessee Jeepers to find a home and people who share their passion. From adults who get excited about their rigs to their little ones who just enjoy the fun, the club welcomes people and families with open arms.

MTJ starting them out young and showing them the importance of “leaving it better than you found it” at Wheeling in the Country Off Road Park

A long time Mule Town Jeeper, Pam Dollar said:

“We bought our Jeep five years ago. Not too long after, I found Mule Town Jeepers and we went to our first meeting. We haven’t looked back since that day! Everyone at the club has always been helpful, and we found a new family and friends. Each ride, event, or hangout is a chance to make memories. Memories our kids will remember just like I remember going to the river with my parent and their friends. They are the kind of people that will give up their Saturday to help your parents out (they have done that). That’s what family and I love my Jeep Family.”

Making New Memories on Tennessee Off-Road Trails

Since the time the club was established, they have been an active group. Members try to meet at least every other week for their traditional bi-weekly Tuesday dinners. Also, they often meet spontaneously at the Sonic drive-in in Columbia, TN for some ice cream. Become a member and join in on their Members-Only Quarterly meetings, summer picnics, and Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and parties.

MTJ at the Annual Dixie Run ride every fall (at different parks each year)

Outside of their Jeeps and off-roading, the above activities are what bring the group’s members closer together. Other times the members meet is when they take off-road trips. Some of these trips include the Trailfest, the Dixie Run, Riding For A Solder’s Child Foundation, Go Topless Day, Great Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion, 4th of July Ride, and more.

The group alternates between regular off-road trips and Clean Rides. Their Clean Rides are backroad country rides to a destination such as waterfalls, distilleries, dinner or even kayaking. To find out more you will need to visit their Facebook Event Page.

Beginner, Novice, or Pros – All Welcome!

MTJ teaching a beginners class at annual Trailfest at Hawk Pride Off Road Park

Mule Town Jeepers are very steadfast in their regard for their members’ safety. Beginners and novice drivers are welcomed with education, support, and rides according to their skill level. They have members experienced in off-roading and Jeeps that help new owners understand their rig and help on the trails so new members feel comfortable.

Their idea is to help their new members to have the right knowledge and hands-on experience they need to be safe and protect Tennessee trails. Mule Town Jeepers promotes, follows and adheres to the principles of the Tread Lightly program, respecting the trails.

MTJ help with tree removal after some major storms.

Their affiliation with SFWDA (Southern Four Wheel Drive Association) and the assistance SFWDA provide with training new Jeepers is a great benefit.  The training that SFWDA has on its website and at the events like Trailfest and Dixie Run is important for anyone new to off-roading.

As Rosemary Jenkin says:

“We love our Mule Town Jeepers family. Everyone is always very welcoming to everyone, always willing to give a hand for one another and the community when needed. The club offers guided trail rides for anyone. Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned wheeler, you are never left behind. The club amplifies trail preservation and respect, looking for ways to give back. We are very proud members and encourage new members to join and be welcomed into the Mule Town Jeepers family.”

A Community Club

The family-oriented values the members hold and its concern for the environment are what stand this small town Jeep club apart from others.

MTJ delivering Christmas presents to the kids of E.A. Co Middle School and their families

In addition to volunteering for and planning two of SFWDA’s biggest events (Trailfest and Dixie Run), the club conducts food drives for the Shared harvest food bank, buy presents for E.A. Co Middle School students (and any siblings they might have at home), and more.

Mule Town Jeepers has also partnered up with its sister club, Stone’s River Jeep Club to support a charity called Riding For a Solder’s Child Foundation. It involves going on guided trail rides and having raffles and other events with the families and children of the fallen soldiers participating and enjoying themselves.

Overall, Mule Town Jeepers is a small town Jeep club with high aspirations. From establishing a family-oriented atmosphere for members to serving the community, there is more to the club than rides and pretty scenery as their motto says “It’s us who enjoy being outdoors. So if we don’t take care of it, who will?”

If you want to become a New Mule Jeeper or want to learn more about the club, their activities, and how they help newbie riders, become a part of their Jeepers community here.


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