Off-roading, for many, is simply an activity they like to indulge in once in a blue moon or whenever they need an adrenaline rush. For Jeep and off-roading enthusiasts, it’s a passion that holds a special place in their lives.

The A.J.C.P. American Jeep Club Project was founded to provide such Jeep enthusiasts a place to hone that passion – and find others who are just as enthusiastic about Jeep’s life in Georgia. Since its founding in 2015, A.J.C.P has become more than just a club.

This picture was taking during their trail cleanup ride on Grassy Mtn in Murray Georgia.

The following comment from one of their members explains the vibe of the club pretty accurately.

“What I love most about this club is it is family-oriented. We joined the club in 2016, and at that time, I had a 2-year-old. I knew I could attend any rides and go to any place this club went because the club has family values. Being a member has brought me close to so many people that we would have never crossed paths if it wasn’t for this club. A.J.C.P. is more than a “club” OHANA! We are family!” – Sharon Rogers Green, A.J.C.P member since 2016

On the Prentice Cooper State Park, TN ride they encountered a downed tree and we were paused while several members worked together to clear the tree from the trail allowing us to continue onward.

Sharon is one of many other young families that have found A.J.C.P; a place that holds strong family values. Founded by a group of friends that wanted to ride their Jeeps across the trails in Georgia, taking in the natural beauty around them, the club has grown with members spread across Northern Georgia and Southeastern Tennessee. We also have a chapter in Wyoming.

In short, if you own a Jeep and like the feeling of cruising the trails and off-road trails around Georgia, you are welcome – true country folk with true country interests! Whether you’re a newbie or a pro with various kinds of rigs, A.J.C.P can be home for all.


Alan D. Sweney Director of Education at Southern Four Wheel Drive Association Commented:

A lot of off-roading clubs are only focused on getting out and enjoying our great outdoors. A.J.C.P. does have their fair share of fun but… they also are the first group to step up and help when Southern Four Wheel Drive Association asks for help with one of our education or conservation projects across the south. By helping A.J.C.P., you are contributing to the long term health of the Off-Roading sport for everyone. Thank you A.J.C.P.”

AJCP sponsored an Easter Egg Hunt and ride to raise funds for Autism. They stopped at a creek so everyone could take a break.

Family, Jeeps, and Adventure – What Else Could You Need?

A.J.C.P. is a family-oriented club with strong values that enables them to be active members of their community. A.J.C.P’s strong values and the love for their community create a very special atmosphere for the family or Ohana, which is a Hawaiian term for “family”. Anyone with a Jeep can find their family, their Ohana with A.J.C.P.

A.J.C.P. or American Jeep Club Project meets several times a month for meet and greets, event, or rides. Club members go on rides at least once a month and sometimes, every weekend during the off-roading season. Whether you want to go on a relaxing scenic ride, an off-road trail ride, or an extremely challenging event, American Jeep Club Project has a ride for you.

A Veteran did not have the opportunity to complete the repairs to his family’s home before being deployed to Afghanistan so AJCP & Rebuilding Home stepped up to assist this family.

Even though American Jeep Club Project rides are open only to members, other events welcome non-members with open arms. Meet and greets, parade participation, and charity events are where people can see their strong family values and get to know more about A.J.C.P.

It is impressive seeing people from all backgrounds, all ages (yes, the club takes pride in its newborn members too!),  and personalities – all with a strong passion for off-roading come together. Alcohol and foul language are strictly prohibited and everyone is held to high standards of camaraderie, social responsibility, and community.

Robert McCoy Woody Commented

“From the moment I first met this group, I knew this was going to be a group of people that I wanted to be a part of. They welcome my family and I and we have done nothing but become closer as the years have passed. I am proud to be a part of such a great group of people and fellow JEEPERS.”

Beyond the Jeeps and Rigs

Supporting Newbies Through and Through

Newbies are always welcomed at A.J.C.P. Whether you’re a newbie to Jeep ownership or Georgia’s off-road trails, they provide training and pre-ride checks allow them to make sure the new family members remain safe throughout the ride. The club also has an education and safety committee, which helps new riders get the hang of off-roading by going for a beginner’s ride. Beginner rides are limited to only a couple of new members at a time so they can get the help they need to get comfortable with their Jeeps and their capabilities.

Treading Lightly on Every Ride

Whether it’s a monthly ride with all club members or a special event ride, they observe the principles of Tread Lightly. They want their members to respect and protect the very land they have their adventures on. They have Tread Lightly instructors come in once a year, refreshing everyone’s memory of why it’s important to stay on marked trails, cleaning up, and maintaining the integrity of the trails. To do their part, A.J.C.P conducts clean up rides multiple times a year in the Conasauga Ranger District.

AJCP was asked to transport dignitaries for the Dalton Veterans’ Parade in November 2019.

Serving Our Communities

Christmas, Veteran’s Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Day, and many other parades are fun for the club. They get to celebrate with the communities and demonstrate the true meaning of family (Ohana) A.J.C.P. members hold.

The club is steadfast in their regard for their community, participating in various events, and donating to charities and individuals. In addition to holding a food and coat drive for the City of Refuge, Dalton, they participate in local fundraisers, assist in building deployed soldiers’ homes, having clean-up days, and collecting donations for charities such as Mary Ellen Locher Breast Cancer Foundation and Rebuilding Homes.

Each October AJCP partners with the Mary Ellen Locher Breast Cancer foundation in Chattanooga, Tennessee. AJCP and Mary Ellen Locher Breast Cancer foundation works together to increase awareness and encourages club members and the community to have a mammogram.

You can experience the club’s (Ohana) and learn more about their family-oriented values on their website or Facebook Page.



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