Mountaineer Jeep Mafia

Located in West Virginia, Mountaineer Jeep Mafia was founded in April of 2018 by a group of four guys looking for the true definition of a “Jeep family”. They started their club while working on a Jeep in their garage, and since then it’s grown. A large part of their reasoning for starting a club was to have a group where they could get together with people who all had a common interest without having to pay any dues. 

Jennifer Clark Lilly is sitting on Santa’s lap at Mountaineer Jeep Mafia Christmas Party. Did she get her Christmas wish? I bet it was a Part for the Jeep.

Leanna Williams Commented

“There is a sense of togetherness in all we do. We’ve put together events for the community on a moment’s notice and we’ve left no Jeep behind. When we say “like family”, it means exactly that.”

Individuals can join Mountaineer Jeep Mafia simply by heading to the group’s Facebook page and answering three simple questions. It’s that easy! While the group is not officially affiliated with any other organizations, they do follow Tread Lightly guidelines and recommendations. The group realizes they live in one of the most beautiful states in the country and wants to do everything they can to keep it beautiful, which is why they always take care of it when they’re out on rides. If they pack it in, they pack it out and more.

Jennifer Clark Lilly Commented

“I love the fact that this group welcomed us with open arms. It is truly like family. There is always something to do that you can get involved in. Whether you are experienced in riding trails or a newbie like me lol I can’t wait to get out there on the trail and learn.

Lj Hamrick – a awesome day at Burning Rock Off Road Park

Join Us On a Ride

West Virginia is rich in off roading locations and clubs. Mountaineer Jeep Mafia goes on at least one trail ride a month. You are invited to ride with them whether you are new to off roading or have years of experience. For the less experienced they have plenty of members with experience. They position experienced member in front as a trail guide and in the rear just in case there is a straggler. Additionally, They stagger Jeeps with winches, so if you are a newbie you can be sure there is assistance if needed!

Because Mountaineer Jeep Mafia was founded on the idea of a “Jeep Family” they enjoy going on rides and attending events with other off road groups. Some of the groups are the East Kentucky Jeep Club, West Virginia Jeep Club304 Jeep Club and Chemical Valley Crawlers. Going with other groups allows our Jeep Family to meet and learn from others. The more Jeepers you meet the more you will learn. 

Lisa Butler Harris -This was taken on a ride in Kanawha County. It was in conjunction with a meet at the state capital last fall.

Mountaineer Jeep Mafia also travels all over the East Coast looking for new opportunities from Maryland to Florida and has traveled from Jeep Beach in Daytona, FL, to Myrtle Beach, SC, Ocean City, MD and Chillicothe, OH. 

All of our events are open to anybody with a Jeep, so feel free to come on out and see what we are all about! 

Shannon Bostic Commented

Brandon Hamby – From one of the overlooks at Burning Rock Off Road Park

”I just wanted to say that I was having some bad luck lately and hadn’t smiled in a long time. One day Leah asked me if I had been to Burning Rock. I haven’t ever been there before. As we got down to the Burning Rock store we saw 5 or 6 Jeeps, and started talking. They invited us to go with them on the trail. I hadn’t had my Jeep for about a month or so and it was pretty much stock. I told them I didn’t have anything that I would need for the trail, not even snacks or water. They told me don’t worry we’ve got you covered. It was a great evening that I was needing for a long time. Thank you Mountaineer Jeep Mafia.”

New Jeep Owner Events

Mountaineer Jeep Mafia also offer events to help new Jeep owners learn more about their Jeeps and prepare for the rides ahead! 

Mall Crawler Ride – As a way to include everyone they have Mall Crawler Rides. Mall Crawler Rides are rides they take as a club, driving back roads to a scenic point of interest or to a restaurant. This is a great time to get to know each other. 

Caitlin Wise being guided over Log Bridge at Burning Rock Off Road Park on Trail 66
Caitlin Wise Driving over Log Bridge at Burning Rock Off Road Park on Trail 66

Beginner Ride – One of their favorite off road spots is Burning Rock Off-Road Park. This is where they take new Jeep Owners or Newbies introducing them to off roading. What is nice about Burning Rock Off-Road Park, they have trails for all experience levels. The Newbies are taken on the green trails to learn what their vehicle can handle and what their own capabilities are. The new Jeep owners learn quickly their Jeeps can handle more than they ever though, even without being modified.

At our Christmas Party our three primary sponsors receive awards. The sponsors are Burning Rock Off Road Park, North Side Automotive and Vigilante Customs.

Special Events and Charities 

The Mountaineer Jeep Mafia is becoming known in their community. They have attended many parades and festivals in the area and have been asked by different venues to participate and be the main attraction to help promote their event. 

The small town of Oak Hill, WV has a big event every year called the Oak Leaf Festival which is a carnival and well as an arts and crafts show. This past year, they decided to declare Friday night, Jeep Night. Mountaineer Jeep Mafia was invited to kick off the three day festival. There were about 60 Jeeps that attended. 

Mountaineer Jeep Mafia hosts a Toys for Tots toy drive every year to help collect toy donations for needy kids in the area. It’s always something fun to do. We team up with Burning Rock Off-Road Park which donates their park for the event. The admission fee is one (1) unopened unwrapped toy per person. We invited other clubs like OffRoad Hooligunz West Virginia and a sxs group to participate and add to the fun and excitement. People traveled as far as 6 hours away to participate in it.

Come To Our Monthly Club Meeting

Mountaineer Jeep Mafia holds monthly club meetings. These monthly meetings are held at large party-friendly restaurants, or else the group will hold a cookout that everybody is welcome to join. The group tries to never have the meetings at the same place so they can “change things up”.  

Those who would like to learn more about Mountaineer Jeep Mafia, or who would like to join up, can find out more about the group by visiting them at their Facebook page or by finding them at their Instagram!


  1. Awesome write up of our group. It totally captures what we’re about. Thank you so much Ed Witman and easy offroading for the great article!!!

    • We are in the process of writing about Burning Rock Off Road Park.
      Hopefully we will be visiting and checking out West Virginia.
      Looks like you are only 6.5 hours from Nashville.


  2. Great article. All of Mountaineer Jeep Mafia thank you for taking the time and effort to acknowledge our group and letting your readers know about our “Family”. All Jeep owners are welcome to join the Mafia and participate in all of our events, get togethers, rides and meetings. A great family friendly group of like minded enthusiasts that treat you like family.


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