Group shot during club ride at Tar Hollow in Vinton County Ohio

Founded in 2019, the 419 Jeep Brigade, located in Tiffin, Ohio, brings together Jeep enthusiasts looking to get together with likeminded people who want to wheel, do benefits or just cruise with a group. This club is all-inclusive and caters to people of all experience levels, and there are events for individuals of all preferences, so everyone with a Jeep who lives in or close to the 419 area code is invited to check out what the 419 Jeep Brigade has to offer. 419 Jeep Brigade sometimes wheels with members of MOJO Mid Ohio Jeepers Organization LLC, Glass City Crawlers, and Wicked Jeep’s

419 Jeep Brigade Cruising in Southern Ohio
Club trip to Tar Hollow in Vinton County Ohio

Join Us On a Ride

419 Jeep Brigade tries to plan at least one ride a month. Because there are members of all different experience levels, they have many different kinds of rides including where the club picks a local restaurant to meet where you are able socialize, eat and discuss upcoming events, as well as their cruises, so everyone is able to join up no matter the amount of experience they have. The club cruises are not an off-road wheeling trip, it is an event that stock vehicles and non off-roaders can enjoy. Cruises consist of picking places and caravaning to those locations in scenic “on the road” trips. In addition to these regular rides, 419 Jeep Brigade also goes on spontaneous ice cream runs on occasion. While the club is new, it has still put annual rides into motion, including a color run and specific off-roading trips. Non-members are encouraged to visit their Event Page so they can learn what the club is all about, especially to learn About “Cruises” and what other events they have been planed. For Public 419 Jeep Brigade events visit 419 Jeep Brigade Event Page.

Events and More

Before going out for the day, the 419 Brigade holds drivers meetings. This way, everyone in the group can go over the ride and make sure all the necessities are remembered. More experienced members are always willing to give a helping hand to newbies, including helping double-check to be sure they and their Jeeps are ready for the ride. Future Wheeling 101 classes are also being planned to help prepare newbies and more inexperienced Jeepers for rides. 

Toy drive at Benchwarmers in Tiffin.

Our Charity Work

Veterans Day Parade in Findlay Ohio

The 419 Brigade is a close-knit group that has a tight bond with the community and has participated in numerous events, even though it was just founded in 2019. Since being founded, it has participated in charitable work including numerous parades. They have participated in the Memorial Day Parade and Veteran’s Day Parade in Tiffin, a Trunk or Treat event at the Seneca County Library, and a toy drive in which the group filled the bed of a Gladiator with Christmas toys as part of a toy drive for children. Additionally, the group worked as part of a benefit for a local nursing home in Gibsonberg, Ohio to buy residents Christmas gifts. 

Fall Color Run at Mohican and Malabar Farm – Taken by Vonnie Hartman

Comments from Members

Michelle Dean-Hickey commented: 

“I have been with the 419 from the beginning and it’s been a wild ride. I have gotten to not only meet, but really get to know a lot of people from all over Ohio. Jeep people are so much like motorcycle riders it is amazing. I get to walk in both worlds. Jeep peeps are some of the most caring, giving helpful people I know. Almost anyone that has made ANY kind of modification to their rig, be it small or going all out, is more than willing to lend a hand and offer advice. Need a new set of tires for a trip, they are ON it. Wanna put a lift on? Who’s available? Within minutes someone is offering up a place to do the work and the hands to help. There are many different people from all walks of life in the 419, but when you are behind the wheel or navigating a steep narrow run, we are all the same. We just wanna get dirty and have fun. Oh, and eat, we like to eat! The 419 has the most amazing people and I’m proud to call them my “friends”.”

Rachelle Ehrman commented:

“The camaraderie is amazing. There’s a sincere intent from the officers to provide a variety of activities and to include everyone . And there’s a chance for everyone to contribute according to their own skills.”

Brittany Arra Meek Commented: 

“419 Jeep brigade is not just a Jeep club it’s a family…. Everyone has something to bring to the table even if you are new to the Jeep world. My experience has been nothing short of amazing! I have had a blast traveling with close friends and fellow jeepers. Everyone is willing to lend a hand, as well as cheer you on while you’re trying out new territory. Amazing group of people to wheel with.”

Jillian Puder commented:

“Everyone shares their Jeep build/redo and replacement experiences and it’s AWESOME to have a group sounding board for ideas and what works and doesn’t. It’s also nice to have a group who uses different brand products who can give you the experienced pros and cons from their perspective. We love the social aspect as well as the fundraising opportunities it provides and charity events, we have an opportunity to participate in.”

Come Join Us

The 419 Jeep Brigade is ready to welcome new Jeep owners and is always willing to answer any questions that individuals may have. If you would like to learn more about the 419 Jeep Brigade, you can find the group online at their public Facebook page.

How can I become a Full Member and attend the Members Only Events?

To become a member you have to do the following: Be over the age of 18, have valid auto insurance, fill out an application at an event or meeting and pay dues. After you pay the dues you will have access to their Members Only Facebook page and be able to attend Club Only Events. You will also receive Two Decals and a Tee Shirt.


  1. I’ve been a member of this group almost a year and have met some great people and made some great friends. I drive a modded Geand Cherokee and not one time have I felt out of place, everyone respects each others rides and mods. It’s a great group to be involved in!

  2. Please send info on events and membership. We have been to many Camp Jeep events and have been looking for a home in northwest Ohio.


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