Savage Jeeps, founded in 2016 and located in the Greater Toronto area, is a place where fellow Jeepers can get together and share their passion for getting out in their Jeeps and enjoying the terrain. Savage Jeeps started as a bunch of friends and Jeepers getting together to kick back, relax and enjoy talking about all things Jeep. The group has become an all-inclusive club that welcomes anyone with a Jeep to come and join as they explore everything the Greater Toronto area has to offer. As a part of its mission to promote Jeeping and off-roading, many members of Savage Jeeps have also joined up with other organizations in the area such as OF4WD (Ontario Federation of 4 Wheel Drive) and Tread Lightly. Savage Jeeps also regularly teams up with another area organization, BAJA (Brampton Area Jeep Association). Everybody can come along to see what Savage Jeeps has to offer, even if you are just getting started with Jeeping and off-roading. The members of this group are always ready to offer a helping hand and guidance wherever it is needed! 

Savage Jeeps Club Meeting

Monthly Meetings

Anybody with a Jeep is welcome to join Savage Jeeps! The group meets on a monthly basis at the Beast Off-Road Shop, making it easy for anybody who’d like to see what Savage Jeeps has to offer. We plan to have at least one ride per month during the trail season as well, so there are always plenty of opportunities for those who would like to go on a ride. During the winter when the trails are not open we still meet. This is the time we talk about the next season’s rides, do maintenance from the previous season and perform upgrades on our Jeeps. Non-members are welcome to join us at  Beast Off-Road Shop and are welcome on most rides. 

Mike LeBlanc Commented

Savage Jeeps member Mike LeBlanc – Lit Up Jeep for Christmas

“I have been with the club for a while now and one of the older folks if you exclude dirt. I purchased Boo “My Jeep” in 2016. I am not much of a wheeler. More of a topless pavement King. I would rather watch or take pictures of others on the trails. Regardless which way one chooses to take, you are safe and encouraged to have a blast at it. Dan and the folks here will guide you down whatever path you feel comfortable taking. If wheeling is not your thing then there are Regular Jeep Meets to help you get to know other members, see their rigs or just say hello.” 

Do Not Drive Beyond Your Capabilities

Newcomers let us know your experience level. We want you to enjoy yourself. We take on all new jeepers and teach them the right way, “safety first”. We walk the whole trail on our rookie runs and spot everyone to make sure they are as safe as possible. Also, the very first thing you have to learn is “Never Wheel Alone”! 

We also stress the importance of protecting the environment. The trails we ride need to be protected. This is why we promote OF4WD (Ontario Federation of 4 Wheel Drive) and Tread Lightly.

Dan Novak with Savage Jeeps guiding Jaime-Lynn Tolfo on her first trail run.

Jaime-Lynn Tolfo Commented

“The whole group moves at the pace of the least experienced person, and all take turns guiding and teaching, making sure you move at a pace that is safe and comfortable for you.”

Come on a Ride

We offer rides for individuals with varying levels of experience. That means there is something for everyone, whether you are just getting started or have plenty of experience behind the wheel. Additionally, those who are new to the scene can rest assured you will have the help of more experienced Jeepers when you join Savage Jeeps. The group does checks on rigs before heading out on rides and experienced members act as trail guides. 

Alicia Comtois Commented

Savage Jeeps Showing new off roaders a beautiful new places in Ontario you can’t get to with conventional cars.

“My daughter and I have been so lucky to find such a great group of people. We are pretty new to the club and the wheeling world. We got our stock jeep last spring. The club has been so welcoming and helpful. They treat us like family, going above and beyond to help out any member in need. They are not just an off-road club, they also help out in the community, doing various fundraisers and events. What a great experience for my daughter to learn and be apart of. Excited to see what’s in store this upcoming season!”

Savage Jeeps dropping off blankets for charity event call Project Stay Warm.

Charity Work

A big part of what makes Savage Jeeps different is its dedication to each other as well as to the community. In addition to taking care of each other as a family, the members of Savage Jeeps also participate in many different charitable endeavors. This includes “Project Stay Warm,” sponsored by Savage Jeeps. A growing annual event in which members of Savage Jeeps work together to collect both used and new blankets for those within their community who need them most. Additional charitable endeavors from Savage Jeeps have included a Jeep raffle, in which the group was able to raise $35,000. These funds were all donated to Variety Village, an organization dedicated to helping disabled children. 

Join Us and Learn

If you’re ready to check out a great, close-knit group of Jeep lovers, Savage Jeeps in the Greater Toronto area welcomes you. To learn more about Savage Jeeps visit their Facebook page or their Instagram “@Savage.Jeeps” today! They can also be reached by email:

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