Founded in the Summer of 2014 in Cabot, Arkansas, 7 Slots Arkansas Jeep Club was originally made up of three friends looking for a more relaxed and carefree off-roading experience. Their club allows people from all backgrounds to come together and enjoy Jeeping and off-roading in their own way. As member Brian Denning says, “The diversity of our group is completely amazing: black, white, Hispanic, Republican, Democrat, liberal… no matter the views any individual has, we can all agree that Jeeps are badass!”

All Lined Up – Members parked their Jeeps neatly at the 7 Slots Annual Picnic

7 Slots Arkansas Jeep Club has only continued to grow and now has members from all over Arkansas and even in Memphis, Tennessee. Anyone is welcome to join as long as they are over the age of eighteen and own a Jeep. 

The most important thing to the existing club members at 7 Slots Arkansas Jeep Club is that new members are like-minded, drama-free and respectful of others. This is why they have a 30-day trial period for new members to see if they are a good fit for the group. While not officially associated with other off-roading clubs, 7 Slots Arkansas Jeep Club teaches and enforces Tread Lightly during every ride the group participates in.

Saying Goodbye – 7 Slots Arkansas Jeep Club members lined up for a final farewell to a fallen Jeeper. This is why we call ourselves a family”

Join Them On a Ride

Those who are looking for a group that goes on frequent rides are in luck!

Let’s Ride – 7 Slots Arkansas Jeep Club Members are lined up at the meeting spot before a club trail ride in the Ozarks

7 Slots Arkansas Jeep Club rides every weekend, heading out to locations such as the relaxing and scenic National Forest trails or the mud and rocks at the Hot Springs Off-Road Vehicle Park. Not only that, but 7 Slots Arkansas Jeep Club is involved in two annual rides – the “New Guys’ Run,”  an event the Arkansas Crawlers 4×4 club began about six years ago, and  “Fun Run”. 7 Slots members help organize and sponsor the Fun Run event every year – this fundraiser is a staple in the Jeeping community!  Other events the group holds throughout the year, which always have a high turnout, include annual club picnics and kayaking and camping trips in the Ozarks.

The club is always sure to organize trail rides for those at the beginner level through to those with advanced levels of experience so everybody has a chance to participate. Additionally, They offer wrenching parties as needed, which are open to everyone. Their only request is that attendees come ready to work and learn! They also have recovery classes available on how to use winches, hi-lift jacks and how to air down tires properly.  

Says member Neill Washburn about his experience, “There are lots of groups that will put you down for not being on the level they are. I’ve always appreciated that the most about this group, being that this was our first Jeep and I needed a lot of advice. Not once did I feel uncomfortable asking for it.”

7 Slots Arkansas Jeep Club Let’s Wrench! Member Magan Montgomery get’s down and dirty while working on her jeep

Events and More

Those who wish to get together with 7 Slots Arkansas Jeep Club have plenty of opportunities to do so. The group gets together on a regular basis and usually has something happening every week. There is a Taco Tuesday every other week as well as a monthly breakfast for members to get together, relax, enjoy each other’s company and – of course – eat good food. Not only that, but there are also plenty of fundraisers, pizza nights, rides, and wrenching parties scattered throughout the month. At 7 Slots Arkansas Jeep Club, members always stay busy with events! 


For the Veterans – 7 Slots Arkansas Jeep Club show their appreciation at the Annual Veteran’s Day Parade

Their Charity Work

The members of 7 Slots Arkansas Jeep Club feel it’s important to give back to the Central Arkansas community! Their charity work includes events that help veterans, such as their “Shoe Boxes for Veterans” event. Every Christmas, members fill boxes with special gift items, head down to the VA hospital, and hand them out to veterans. It’s always fun as well as rewarding for members. 

The group also participates in Toys for Tots every year and since 2016, every November members of 7 Slots have helped raise money for sleeping bags for “The Van,” a community outreach program for the homeless through “The One, Inc.”

Fun Run Jeeps from all over the state show up for the annual Fun Run charity event that benefits ACH Camp Sunshine Program

However, the group’s largest fundraising program is its “Fun Run,” in which they raise money for the Arkansas Children’s Hospital program, “Camp Sunshine”. 7 Slots Arkansas Jeep Club has helped raise upwards of $24,000 in the last year for the program.

They Are Easy To Find

There are plenty of reasons to check out this group today. As 7 Slots Arkansas Jeep Club member Jessica Mizell Persons says, “This group is the best! They welcome you with open arms and treat you like family! Best Jeep Club I am in by far. You can post Jeep questions and within a minute you have 20 comments! This group LOVES to joke around with each other, LOVES Cookies (even though I haven’t seen any yet) and LOVES tacos!!!! A great group of Jeepers that I am proud to call family! (PS: You will have to join to find out about the cookies!)”

Those who love to ride can find 7 Slots Arkansas Jeep Club and learn more about them by visiting them on Facebook or even by checking out their Instagram account @7SlotsARJeepClub.


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