The Back Road Jeep Rebels, located in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, is a family-oriented club with a passion for riding the back roads and trails. We have members from all over Tennessee in addition to other states, including but not limited to Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Illinois and as far away as New England, Texas, Nevada, Washington, and Massachusetts. 

Back Road Jeep Rebels at Wheeling 101 at Wheeling in the Country Bents and Dents

Our motto is, “Where the pavement ends, our freedoms begin,” and whether you are a beginner or have a little more experience we encourage participation for all Jeep owners. Our main mission is to have all Jeep owners out on beautiful, exciting trails and feeling comfortable in their rigs regardless of their experience level. Our members belong to many Jeep groups, and we work with other off-road clubs including the Summer County Jeep Crew. It’s important for us to work with and support these other organizations as a part of our mission to encourage safe and active participation in riding the trails in and around Middle Tennessee. We also have members associated with Tread Lightly and SFWD (Southern Four Wheel Drive Association).

Join Us For a Ride

Who can join us for a ride at Back Road Jeep Rebels? The answer is simple – anybody! We welcome all Jeep owners to our events. Non-members are welcome to join us on all rides with the exception of our members’ only special event “Ridn’ The Ranch @ Loretta Lynn’s”. We meet at least once a month for rides, and if you would like the opportunity to stop by and get to know some of our members first, we hold meet and greets every three months. Additionally, every other month we’ll head out of town or even out of state to check out hot spots and other OHV parks. Visit our Event Page for more information. 

Back Road Jeep Rebels at Hawks Pride on the Easy Trail

Help for Beginners

During our rides, you can rest assured that beginners will have the opportunity to learn from more experienced members by taking easier trails at the beginning of the day and if they are comfortable, adventure out onto more moderate trails when they are ready. Our rides always begin with a meeting that encourages drivers to ask questions and address any concerns they may have. We also make sure beginners ride in the middle of the group, with experienced drivers taking lead and trailing spots. In the past, we have held events such as our Wheeling 101 event offering training for beginning drivers as well! 

Danielle Weathers Commented 

“We are very family-oriented and nobody gets left behind. If someone gets stuck, breaks down, etc, on or off the trail, they don’t get left behind. If someone asks a question about fixing their Jeep, there’s always tons of help without judgment. Several will even jump up and go show someone how to fix something. I love that the kids are always included in the activities as well. There’s no drinking or acting out of line on trails. And no drama! We also are very passionate about our veterans and soldiers. We do quarterly food and supply drives for the local veteran’s help center as well. We try our best to plan an off road trip every month. I’ve always felt welcome at every event, ride and meet and greet. We’re one big family!”

Back Road Jeep Rebels at Clarksville Veterans Day Parade – Our Float (took 1st Place in 2018 Parade)

Charity Work and Events

We consider ourselves a family at Back Road Jeep Rebels. A big part of that means caring not just for each other but for our community as a whole, which is why we take the time to organize charity events throughout the year. Charity events and fundraisers organized by Back Road Jeep Rebels include numerous efforts to support our veterans including an annual food drive for the Cheatham County Veteran Services

Yvonne Webb Commented

Back Road Jeep Rebels at Nemo Tunnels and Historic Train Bridge – Time to relax after a hard day on the Badge of honor Trials

“BRJR members have become part of my family, since joining this group! They are extremely fun to spend time with! Their trail etiquette and the way they have everyone’s back and look out for one another is absolutely amazing, which was very important to me coming from someone that was new to trails!”

We Invite You to Join

If you’re in the area and you think Back Road Jeep Rebels sounds like the right place for a Jeep owner like you, we’d love to welcome you home! We welcome you to join us for a ride. To learn more today, visit us at the Back Road Jeep Rebels Facebook Page.


  1. Good evening my name is Tonya Lyons, I am the creator and founder of Calloway County jeep club in Murray Ky and we usually trail ride in Land between the lakes area, we have monthly meet and greets. charitable causes and drives, convoys to surrounding areas and events,and community involvement with parades and jeep shows. If anytime your groups find themselves headed this way, I’m sure that some of my members would love to join in or show our rougher trails thru LBL.

  2. I have ridden with these great folks. Had a great day on the trails with them. They convinced me to try some obstacles that I wouldn’t have tried otherwise and gave me greater confidence in my vehicle. Everything about them in this article is true! My daughter stepped wrong and twisted her ankle. They led me out of the park (Stony Lonesome) and made sure we had everything we needed before we left for the ED. She ended up with a torn ligament, but it is healing well. I would ride with them again in a heartbeat!


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