Spelling Jeep in Cullman TN, Photo by Stony Lonesome
Crazy seeing the mountain stretched from top to bottom with Jeeps!!! Photo by Rutger Hyche

North Alabama Jeep Club, being located in Northeast Alabama, gives the group a unique opportunity to experience a wide selection of terrain. This enables North Alabama Jeep Club to have rides for all levels from newcomers with stock vehicles to aggressive rides for experienced Rock Crawlers.  So, if you’re a Jeep owner who wants to get together with others who share your love for this vehicle in the Decatur, Alabama area, we invite you to become a part of North Alabama Jeep Club! Just like you, the people in this club love getting away from it all and enjoying the sights and sounds of the great outdoors, all from the comfort of our favorite ride – a Jeep!


Join Us on a Ride

Emily Sweeney and Calypso in their Jeep Renegade. We welcome and love all Jeepers. (Even four legged)

If you’re wondering who can catch a ride with the North Alabama Jeep Club, the answer is simple – anyone! Everybody is welcome to come and join us on our rides. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are or even if have never been on a ride before. In fact, Jeep owners who are interested in attending our events will find that everybody is incredibly friendly and willing to help you learn, so there’s no need to hesitate if you’re interested in coming out to learn what you and your vehicle are capable of.  

Note for Newcomers:

Newcomers please do not drive beyond your capabilities and let us know your experience level. We want you to enjoy yourselves and learn the correct way to drive off road. 

Other Associations

We aren’t part of any official off-roading associations but many of our group are members of SFWDA (Southern Four Wheel Drive Association) and we, as a group, also follow off roading best practices and Tread Lightly environmental rules.

Chris Sweeney. If we gave awards he would be that guy. He is always willing to help any Jeeper and could be called a Jeep Dr.

Events and More

One of the first things people often want to know is how often we ride. In fact, we’re always going on rides. We meet up for multiple group events and participate with other off road associations throughout the year.  Apart from that, we also meet up and ride with other local clubs. 

It’s also important to note that anybody can post their own ride at any time, so people are always picking up and going Jeeping throughout the year with members of the club, even when it’s not official!  Visit our Facebook Discussion page to keep track of what’s happening. 

Superhero Parade for cancer kids in Athens TN. Photo by Crystal Smith.

Our Charity Work

In addition to all the off roading we do, we are involved in several charitable events, because we find it important to give back to the community. We have charitable events for the Homeless, Underprivileged Children, Special Needs Students and even for Animal Rescue in Decatur, AL. Below are some of the charities we helped this past year:

Shawn Selby is always ready to help others and now needed help when his brand-new Jeep got stuck on the Teddy Bear Ride. Even the best get stuck sometimes.

North Alabama Jeep Club Teddy Bear Rides, in which we gathered teddy bears and donated them to the Decatur police department, where they handed them out to underprivileged children. 

Sleep in Heavenly Peace Hartselle AL,  This is an organization that builds and delivers beds to children who do not have a bed. Their motto: “No kid sleeps on the floor in our town!” NAJC  donated 10 beds to Sleep in Heavenly Peace – AL, Hartselle

Sparkman School Hartselle AL, NAJC raised $1500 for special needs classes for Sparkman School Hartselle, Alabama

Sock Drive for Hands Across Decatur, Thank You NAJC! in 2019 they donated 792 pairs of socks collected in 7 days by the North Alabama Jeep Club, who chose Hands Across Decatur as the recipient of this WONDERFUL donation!

Paul Mclain – Dog Food Donations and Ride

Pet Food Drives  North Alabama Jeep Club has several rides where they collect Pet Food donations for Decatur Animal Shelter.

This is all to say, if you’re a Jeep lover like us who loves to ride, who loves their community and is looking for a like-minded group of other Jeepers to join for plenty of fun and excitement in their Jeep, then you’re welcome to join us right away!

To learn more or get answers to your questions, be sure to check out the North Alabama Jeep Club Facebook page.


  1. NAJC was also on hand to help search for a missing woman from Danvelle l. Had to search in the bankhead forrest, where the search crew needed jeeps to get to where conventional vehicles couldn’t go. We ended up finding her, but it wasn’t good news. That branched out and started a search party class over N. AL, MS and southern TN.

  2. We’ve learned so much since buying our Jeep last year. This group is great. Everyone is incredibly helpful and friendly and I’m so glad we were told about this group!

  3. my original 1999 jeep sahara was just totalled by a driver running a stop sign last week. driving a jeep since 1988. considering getting another. Are you aware of any of your members selling any of their vehicles including customized versions?

    • I am sorry to hear your 99 TJ was totaled.
      I would be up-site if my 98 TJ would be totaled.

      My suggestion is to contact the clubs in North GA, Southern TN and North AL.
      You can find Facebook links at the end of the articles.
      Also most of my article have Facebook links of other clubs they interact with.

      Even though I do not like Facebook it is still the best way to contact the clubs.



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