No matter what level of adventure you are looking for, the Low Country Mud Rat Jeep Club is where you belong.

Bottom of a Hill Climb at Durhamtown

Like one big family since the year 2000, we have enjoyed rides of all skill sets from smooth sailing to a rocky road, there is no trail we don’t enjoy. We take the skill level of each member into consideration and try and tailor each ride to match the attendees. Located in historic Savannah Georgia, we pride ourselves on our true southern family-oriented club where anyone is welcome to attend our meetings and yes, even the families with children are welcome, the more the merrier! We get together at least once a month to meet with new members and to check out the new Jeep additions to our club. Once in a while, we try out our new suspension upgrades or mods on the RTI (Ramp Travel Index) ramp for fun. Our club philosophy is kindness, inclusion and having a blast.  

The Beauty of Nature Christmas Morning 2019 take by Melissa Marroquin


Being the outdoors lovers that we are, we teach environmental friendliness and environmental rules found on the Tread Lightly website. We also follow off road best practices found on the SFWDA (Southern Four Wheel Drive Association) website and participate in their events. Learning off road best practices helps with preserving the trails we love.

Growing Family

Nearly 20 years ago we were just a few buddies getting together to enjoy the open trails. Now we can hardly believe how large our Jeep family has grown. The Low County Mud Rats has riders of all skill levels and Jeep builds. We aim to make sure everyone is comfortable as we ride and never require or suggest pushing your driving abilities. We take safety very seriously and our more experiences trailers are more than happy to assist anyone wanting to improve their Jeep knowledge and skills. Our monthly meet and greet also doubles as a training session. We give information on upcoming rides in order to give riders a heads up on possible equipment they will need so no one is in danger of coming unprepared. We also provide assistance for any Jeepers having issues upgrading their builds with mods or experiencing other mechanical difficulties.

Low Country Mudrats FallKrawl 2019 at River Rock ORV

Note: Newcomers, do not drive beyond your capabilities and let us know your experience level. We want you to enjoy yourselves while you learn.  

Where We Ride

In addition to our yearly off-road rides with our spring ride to Uwharrie National Forest, the fall trip to River Rock ORV and our annual Sherriff’s Jeepfest, we also plan at least five to six off-road trips a year. Many members love spontaneity and jump on board a few last-minute trips or overnighters.

Jeepfest in Jasper. Carson , Dan , and Andrew Crossing a Creek

As always, everyone is welcome, even non-members. We are always on the lookout for exciting new trails to explore, but so far we frequent our favorites at Gulches Off Road Vehicle Park, Durhamtown, River Rock ORV, and more.  

Volunteering is Important

Volunteering is something important to us so we support as many local and regional charity events as possible. We love being able to give back as much as we love being Jeep owners. It makes it even more worthwhile when we can share each experience with our family and Jeep family. We have worked with Nine Line events, Landon’s Jeep Jamboree, TMT Farms drive-thru Christmas, as well as other nonprofits.

How to Join the Club

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Ruby is all dressed up! by Abbie Hodgson‎

If you are a Jeep owner, stock or built, we would love to learn more about you and yours on our Facebook page – Low Country Mud Rats Jeep Club. Even if you aren’t sure you’d like to join the club, you can still attend a ride until you learn the ropes. Off-roading is an activity that is made even better by sharing it with the ones you care most about. Take to the trails with us at Low Country Mud Rats Jeep Club and feel like part of the family.

What Our Members Have to Say

Tim Plessinger commented, “I think I could write a full article about this myself. If I had to describe it in one word, I would say community. Like with any community, you get out of it what you put in to it. Our club attracts all types of Jeepers. We are not just an off-road club and don’t look down at those who don’t. (Maybe some ribbing?) I have seen, participated, and have been recovered on the trail, and the side of the road, and it didn’t cost me anything more than a picture for the memory. We work on our Jeeps, and on each other’s Jeeps. We vacation together, celebrate together, work together, and support each other. I have learned more about my Jeep and other Jeeps since joining this club, then I did with my two previous Jeeps. I have made many friends that I will keep for many many years.”

Dan Schlesinger commented, “I’ve actually been a member for approx 13 years now and although some of the faces have changed over the years one thing is still constant and that is the these Jeeple ( Family ) can and will come together. The running theme is that whether it’s the sharing of Technical knowledge, helping wrench or someone needing recovery local or on the trails there’s always been and will be someone to lend a helping hand.”


  1. Even though I don’t have a Jeep am I still able to drive with y’all? I have a 2002 Nissan Pathfinder ready for the off roading adventure. Really looking for some trails and people to drive with. Easy off roading send me to y’all. I’m in Hinesville ga. My number is ###-###-### feel free to contact me.

    • Most Jeep Clubs will let other vehicles ride with them but you will have to put up with their jokes about your ride.
      I have found that most clubs stay with one model of vehicle because if something breaks on the trail you have several member that have had the same thing happened to them and know how to “Jerry Rig” or make temporary repairs to get the vehicle back home.

      Low Country Mud Rats Jeep Club will have someone contact you with information.


    • Hey! Check out a Club “FOURDAYSOFFROAD”. They are a group of 4X4 enthusiasts and wheel Yotas, Jeeps, Blazers etc as opposed to a “Jeep Club” Feel free to hit them up and I’ll look for ya.

      • Thank You for your comment.
        We write about any Off Roading Club not only Jeep Clubs.
        We are trying to find information about FOURDAYSOFFROAD that you referred.
        Do they have a Website or Facebook page?


  2. I need help to find a part for my 05 Wrangler. – I hope you might help. I need the Rear Seat Brackets – left and right – in order to attach the back seat. I had the floor recoated and the shop lost by original brackets. I found a store – Vintage parts in WI, but I think they sent me the wrong parts. The Mopar listing only has the left side – I purchased two hoping that would work. The part number on the shipping label was correct but it is different than the Mopar diagram. Both right and left look identical in the diagram, but have different part numbers. Part Numbers are:
    Right: 56052668 AA
    Left: 56052669 AA

    Would also be fun to go on one of your rides in the future.


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