JeepsWe always see pictures, television ads and other short clips about people driving down country roads and enjoying nature. However, for some people, that’s as far as their experience goes. The Cannon County Country Road Challenge in Tennessee was developed to give people more information about what they can expect to see when driving in their jeeps on the less-traveled roads in Cannon County TN.

Places To Check Out On Your Route

You will definitely sense a small town feel wherever you go. The residents and businesses are welcoming, so take your time and visit some of the great shops and establishments on your route. Some of the neat businesses include the Short Mountain Distillery, the OK Corral Shooting Range, the Cannon County Art Center, as well as plenty of antique shops and restaurants. Residents and business owners welcome anyone that travels on their roads, so be courteous when riding and treat their community as if it were yours.

JeepsWhat You Can Expect While Riding

The route itself in Cannon County can get a little bumpy and tricky at times. It’s recommended to ride in jeeps or trucks since low-riding vehicles could get damaged. However, even though many of the roads are dirt or gravel, they are maintained extraordinarily well. When you start your route early in the morning, you can essentially be entertained for the entire day when you consider the enjoyment of nature and visiting local businesses along the way.


Always Remember to Follow Basic Off-Roading Rules

It’s easy to think there are no rules to follow when you aren’t driving on a busy road or highway. However, the basic rules of off-roading need to be followed when driving the Cannon County Country Road Challenge. This includes:

  • Always obey posted signs! No trespassing, no hunting, posted wildlife areas, etc.
  • Never going through gates, even if they are open
  • Slowing down when people or animals are walking on the road
  • Using a GPS, since some roads can be challenging
  • Respecting horses and horse riders so they don’t get spooked by your vehicle

You’ll surely see plenty on your off-roading adventure in Cannon County TN. The best way to experience the day is to drive the route we took, don’t rush and take your time. The slower the pace of the day, the more you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors and everything rural country roads have to offer. Here’s a breakdown of the route we took (you can enter each location on Google GPS like we did):

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  1. We started at The Art Center of Cannon County TN  (open Tue. – Sat., 10 am to 4 pm). They have beautiful art displayed by local artists that are for sale. The Cannon County Chamber of Commerce is also located at this location.
  2. Then we checked out the shops at Woodbury TN Downtown, which included:
      1. Having breakfast/lunch at A & J Diner (open Mon. – Sat., 6 am to 4 pm).
      2. Visiting the numerous Antique stores.
  3. We then drove North on Doolittle Rd to the OK Corral Shooting Range (open Mon. – Sat., 9 am to and Sun. 12 pm to 6 pm).
  4. Now go to Wilson Hollow Road  and drive North. This road is gravel and can be a little rough. There is usually a shallow water crossing at the halfway mark. When you get to the stop sign at the north end of Wilson Hollow and Hurricane Creek Rd, head to N. Short Mountain Rd.
  5. To get to N Short Mountain Rd.enter it into your GPS, you will be on winding paved country roads for 6.1 miles.  Once you arrive at the intersection of N Short Mountain Rd, Sugar Tree Knob Rd, Seals Hollow Rd and Mason Hollow Rd you are in the right place. Drive North on to Big Hill Rd, at this point go to Short Mountain Distillery. You will find N Short Mountain Road is dirt, gravel, very narrow and windy. At several bends, you will see where the water comes off Short Mountain. This is the beginning of East Fork Stones River.
  6. Enjoy your stop at Short Mountain Distillery (open Fri. – Sat. 12 pm – 9 pm and Sun. 11 am – 4 pm). Check out their website for more information. We returned on Friday Evening for dinner when they had a band.
  7. We decided to head back to Woodbury TN and have a late lunch at DJ’s Steak Pizza and Steak House  (open Tuesday – Thursday: 11 am – 9:30 pm, Friday – Saturday: 11 am – 10 pm and Sunday: 11 am – 4 pm)

JeepsEast Fork Stones River Starts Here

Make sure you take Stones River Rd back to Woodbury TN. The East Fork Stones River starts on Short Mountain. How often do you get a chance to see the East Fork Stones River grow from not more than a trickle to a river? Stones River Road is paved but very windy so be careful.

By driving slowly and safely, you’ll get to experience the great outdoors not many people take the time to do. We’ve traveled this route in Cannon County TN many different times and always enjoy the beautiful scenery and stops along the way.


  1. I have been to OK Coral Shooting Range and have been very impressed.
    They have many different shooting ranges and there is space for everyone unlike smaller ranges.
    You don’t have to worry about someone next to you not knowing what they are doing, even if they do.

  2. I had the opportunity to “ride along” with Ed yesterday (May 29) and had a great time, its quite an adventure. The rustic rugged terrain and the beautiful backdrop of the woodlands was a great experience. First we stopped by the OK Corral Shooting Range, they have a nice rifle range, several pistol ranges and a clay target shooting range, outdoor shooting beats indoor hands down. Lunch at DJ’s Steak and Pizza in Woodbury, great food by the way, finished up my Easy Off Roading adventure. If you have the chance to join in this Easy Off Roading adventure don’t pass it up.

    Jim Vinsant

    • Jim,

      We are glad you enjoyed the ride. There is now a Google Map of the route you took in the article.
      As you can see any stock Pick-up, SUV or Jeep can enjoy this ride. We try to have a variety of places to stop like an Art Center, Restaurants, Antique stores, a Distillery and yes a Shooting Range. Couple this stops with a wide range of Rural County Roads make this a nice afternoon ride. Some are quite bumpy and one has a small creek crossing.

      Thanks again for you comment.

    • Cannon County Country Road Challenge is a ride on Cannon County Backroads.
      You just have to follow the directions in the article.
      If you want to find a club check out the article about Jeeps And Wrenches we wrote.
      They are in the Middle Tn area and would be a great place for you to start.



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