I have pulled this article because

This Neighborhood is Being Abused!

I advised everyone Dirt Devil is a rural community and residents do live there, so make sure you respect their community as if it were your own. But this didn’t seem to be enough. The residents have had enough.

How do you feel when there is a large yard sale in your neighborhood?
I feel a little inconvenienced!
How would feel if there were large yard sales every Saturday and Sunday?
Be honest, how would you Really feel? Now multiply it by years.

Imagine Dirt Devil was your neighborhood and you have a special backyard that you can’t enjoy because 10 to 15 vehicles stop and line up on the road to take pictures.

Now imagine you were having a special private event and the 10 to 15 vehicles stop and started talking pictures of your special event. Would you be happy? I sure wouldn’t.

Several years ago, when I wrote the article Tennessee Dirt Devil – A Sunday Drive at It’s Best, residents tolerated the drive-throughs except for the idiots that went on private land and played in the creeks. Now that the population in the surrounding counties have exploded the volume of drive-throughs has gotten out of hand.

Let’s do our part and give this community a break!

Stay Away!


  1. The Exact location was not give, out of respect to the local residents.
    Dirt Devil is not an Off-Roading trail.
    They are Residential Rural roads through Hickman County.
    If you Google map Dirt Devil Hickman County TN you will be in the correct area to take a Sunday drive.


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