Let Us Tell Your Story

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Let Us Tell Your Story

We are looking for off roaders that love the outdoors and would like to tell others about their adventures, knowledge and experience, especially off road trails. Your content needs to be original and related to driving off-road. Writing experience preferred but not necessary, as we do have professional writers to help tell the story of your off road adventure.

You and Your Article will sound great! We do not charge to write your story.

Freelance writers are welcome. Compensation depends on article. Contact Us and request contract information.

1) Stories, articles or reviews should be geared toward beginners.

2) Firsthand account of your off-road adventures that beginners can relate to.

3) Places where beginners can enjoy, including state parks, waterfalls, nature reserves, etc.

4) Information about your off-road club.

5) What knowledge you have acquired with the help of others members in your club?

6) How the off-road club helps the community, environment, and promote safety.

7) Reviews need to be approx. 250 words and articles needs to be 500 to 650 words each.

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