If you are looking to experience a Sunday Drive at its best featuring all of what nature has to offer you really need to check out the Tennessee Dirt Devil. Located about 40 miles southwest of Nashville, this is a maze of dirt and gravel public access roads and creek crossings. In other words, if you’re looking for some good Easy Off Roading in Middle Tennessee, the 200 mile long Tennessee Dirt Devil is the place to go. While on the gravel roads, expect to see small waterfalls, rocky bluffs, creeks, beautiful tall trees and amazing overlooks of valleys and rivers.

Important Rules

When off roading in Tennessee:

  1. Never go alone. Always have a second vehicle just in case the unexpected happens.
  2. We suggest having a GPS unit because cell phone coverage is usually sparse to nonexistent.
  3. Always obey posted signs! No trespassing, no hunting, wildlife preserve, etc.
  4. Never go through open or closed gates unless you are the owner.
  5. When encountering horses on the trail, move to the side of the trail, stop, turn off your engine, remove your helmet and speak—you want the horse to know you are human. Ask the rider the best way to proceed.
  6. Proceed with caution around horses and pack animals. Sudden, unfamiliar activity may spook animals—possibly causing injury to animals, handlers and others on the trail.
  7. Always follow Tread Lightly Off Roading Rules:
    1. Quick Tips for Responsible Four Wheeling.

Important advice: Dirt Devil is a community and residents do live there, so make sure you respect their community as if it were your own. This is a Sunday Drive at its best; dirt roads for miles, creeks, waterfalls and fresh country air! Obey all posted trespassing signs and do not cross any open or closed gates. When crossing a creek, make sure you cross only where the road crosses.  Although it may be tempting, don’t continue to drive up or down the creek! Only cross at the road crossing.  Beware, some roads will flood with heavy rains. Never cross if you see high water due to heavy rain.

Just Follow The Roads that Have Names on the GPS

When you’re driving the Dirt Devil, sometimes it’s best to just get in your vehicles so you and your friends can go explore on your own. To get started Google Map “Dirt Devil Hickman County TN” or maps are available through Dual Purpose Tennessee that can be used in conjunction with your GPS. Important: Make sure you use your GPS and only travel on roads that are named. This will get you in the area to tour the Tennessee Dirt Devil at your own pace, giving you the opportunity to get through it as quickly or as slowly as you’d like. Spend a little extra time with your friends enjoying the waterfalls if you want! Just remember these are public access Residential Rural roads through Hickman County TN, so if you go off the named roads, you’re entering private property.  Respect the natural beauty of the area and the land. Remember The Dirt Devil is a community and residents do live there, so make sure you respect their community as if it were your own. This is a Sunday Drive at its best; dirt roads for miles, creeks, waterfalls and fresh country air!

Things You Need To Bring

You will want to bring plenty of snacks (or even pack a picnic lunch) and a cooler full of drinks for the day, as there aren’t any stores around for miles! Don’t forget to bring paper towels, toilet paper and a trash bag. Never leave anything behind! Make sure your gas tank is full because there’s no place to fill up after you get there.

What Vehicle Do You Need?

Tennessee Dirt Devil is perfect for any stock 4×4 Vehicle, Jeep, Pickup Truck or Motorcycle. No special equipment or setup is required, just the ability and sense of adventure to drive through very shallow water.

All of Nature’s Finest on One Trail

The best part of easy off roading in Tennessee is you never know what you’re going to see. With 200 miles of nature at the Tennessee Dirt Devil, you’re guaranteed to witness something amazing. If it’s your first time visiting make sure you don’t miss anything aEasy Off Roading Sunday drive Sunday drive has to offer!

The Tennessee Dirt Devil is one of the best communities in Tennessee for people who love the outdoors and exploring a community that is part of nature. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to learn more about this attraction and many more.


  1. The Exact location was not give, out of respect to the local residents.
    Dirt Devil is not an Off-Roading trail.
    They are Residential Rural roads through Hickman County.
    If you Google map Dirt Devil Hickman County TN you will be in the correct area to take a Sunday drive.


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